#include <nghttp2/nghttp2.h>

int nghttp2_submit_shutdown_notice(nghttp2_session *session)

Signals to the client that the server started graceful shutdown procedure.

This function is only usable for server. If this function is called with client side session, this function returns nghttp2_error.NGHTTP2_ERR_INVALID_STATE.

To gracefully shutdown HTTP/2 session, server should call this function to send GOAWAY with last_stream_id (1u << 31) - 1. And after some delay (e.g., 1 RTT), send another GOAWAY with the stream ID that the server has some processing using nghttp2_submit_goaway(). See also nghttp2_session_get_last_proc_stream_id().

Unlike nghttp2_submit_goaway(), this function just sends GOAWAY and does nothing more. This is a mere indication to the client that session shutdown is imminent. The application should call nghttp2_submit_goaway() with appropriate last_stream_id after this call.

If one or more GOAWAY frame have been already sent by either nghttp2_submit_goaway() or nghttp2_session_terminate_session(), this function has no effect.

This function returns 0 if it succeeds, or one of the following negative error codes:


Out of memory.


The session is initialized as client.